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Over 95% of startups are unable to receive venture capital or angel investment backing

Leo has secured over $150 Million in funding for his clients

Leo Kanell teaches entrepreneurs how to creatively secure affordable financing to fuel the growth of their new or existing business. Over 95% of startups are unable to receive venture capital or angel investment backing so in order for these entrepreneurs to succeed they must master the skill of business funding, Leo has successfully secured hundreds of thousands for his own businesses and has helped to secure over $150 Million in funding for his clients.


Business Funding Formula

Leo Kanell is the Creator & Author of the Business Funding Formula, which is a book available on Amazon as well as the proprietary Business Funding Formula Educational Product available at Business Funding Formula that combines his knowledge of the best business funding products, lenders and most importantly how to qualify for each. This entails a significant amount of creative financing techniques used to support entrepreneurs in acquiring the most affordable capital possible.

Serial Entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur, Leo Kanell loves spreading the gospel of starting your business and bootstrapping it to freedom! For Leo, nothing brings more pleasure than knowing he had a part in helping an entrepreneur launch or grow their business with capital that he helped them secure.

Financing Solutions

If you have the desire to become a successful entrepreneur, Leo Kanell has the experience and expertise necessary to help you uncover business financing solutions. Leo has proven himself as a leader capable of helping you avoid the numerous pitfalls that entrepreneurs face. His mission is to help people with what matters most in capitalism — obtaining access to capital.

Fundwise Capital

In a capitalistic economy, it is significantly more difficult to grow a business without access to capital. Leo Kanell understands what it takes to unlock this capital so that you can get your business started or overcome the obstacles currently limiting your growth. To qualify for funding in minutes, go to FundwiseCapital.com.

Leo Kanell hails from Beaver, Utah, a small town in southwestern portion of the state. He later went on to graduate from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, where he earned his degree in Finance and Business Management. He started his first business at age 21, during which time he was taking 20 hours of classes a week, working 2 jobs, and getting married. He currently resides in Draper, Utah with his wife and five children. Leo and his family enjoy enjoys wakeboarding in the summers and snowboarding in the winters.

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Here’s what a couple of reviews have to say:

“The best of the best”

There really is no one better to discuss the reality of business funding than Leo Kanell. Leo has the knowledge to locate the absolute best funding for your needs combined with the explanation to back it up.”

–Jamie Arancibia

“The Business Funding Formula is genius!!”

If you have not yet had the opportunity to read [Leo Kanell’s] Business Funding Formula, please do! It is an absolute necessity if you are considering starting a business or working with a young business. This book can be the difference between survival and termination in the business world! Please take the time to read it. It taught me so much about how to start the business I am planning.”

–Hugh Roberts