Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

“What am I passionate about? What really drives me?”

If so, you aren’t unlike many habitual entrepreneurs. Although known for their passion, sometimes these types of entrepreneurs come up dry on passion and need a passion-boost to keep going. But, where do they get this boost? Before one takes the steps to analyze what he/she is passionate about and how to increase their passion to keep going, it’s important to decipher between habitual and one-off entrepreneurs, because there are key differences as to what drives them and why they succeed.

Habitual vs. One-Off Entrepreneurs

Habitual Entrepreneurs: These people intentionally, frequently, and consistently learn about entrepreneurship, how to better their business or businesses, and how they can team up with other people to capitalize on gaps in the marketplace. They are driven by profit, investors, and “the next big thing.” They sift through industry-related topics daily, are constantly ideating, and bounce ideas off of trusted people. They are always at the “scratchboard,” writing on napkins when a brilliant idea pops into mind, and seeking out business tips.

One-Off Entrepreneurs: These people most likely had one business idea or passion and decided to create a business around it. These people aren’t so much interested in the business side of things as they are with the specific product or service that they want to offer. They often use loved-ones as business partners and are less interested in learning than habitual entrepreneurs.

See the difference? Of course there are entrepreneurs who fall somewhere between those two types of entrepreneurs, but I reference these two in particular, because they are motivated by entirely different things. This is key to note.

Today, I am not going to touch on the one-off entrepreneur so much as I will the habitual one.

Sparking the Flame Step #1: Search through Industries

A great resource to use is the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics database. There is an, “Industries at a Glance,” page that lists out many of the known industries available in the USA. Copy these into a doc and highlight the ones that seem interesting to you right off the bat. Use process of elimination if necessary.

  1. Choose one industry that you are interested in above the rest.

This is difficult, of course. It is completely okay if this takes time. There is no need to rush the process. In fact, intentionally decide to not rush this process. It’s important to be sold on what you are interested in, in order to convince other people your business ideas are worth it. So, make sure you are sold before moving to step two.

Come back in a couple of weeks for Steps #2 through #4!