We are back with Part Two of “How to Spark New Flames of Passion in Habitual Entrepreneurs!”

In Part One, I described the difference between habitual and one-off entrepreneurs, as well as one way to spark passion in the hearts of repetitive entrepreneurs.

In Part Two, I dive a little deeper with three more ways to do so!

Sparking the Flame Step #2: Consume Information

Because habitual entrepreneurs are so motivated by new ways to fill gaps in the marketplace, it is absolutely essential that these entrepreneurs consume industry-related knowledge on a daily basis.

2) Make it a daily habit to read news articles and blogs each day, in accordance with the industry you chose in step one. Make it a point to read books and magazines, watch documentaries, and search through archived news recordings.

Keep your mind open to whatever you learn through this process.

Sparking the Flame Step #3: Record the Gaps

In getting your hands deep into belly of the beast, you will not only learn things you never knew about the industry, you will also start to find gaps in the industry that need filling. That is where passion has the chance to soar.

3) Once you find these gaps in the marketplace of this industry, record each one in a specific journal or computer document.

Sparking the Flame Step #4: Use Your Emotions as a Temperature Gauge

4) Analyze this list like you did with the list of industries in step one. Which one catches your interest?

Once you answer this question, you will have a BINGO.
This is what can spark passion anew in you.

Just like step one, steps two through four will be difficult and take time. That is completely normal and absolutely essential. If these opportunities came easily on a silver platter to people in a couple days time, then there would be no business opportunities left to take advantage of! Entrepreneurship is essential to the health and wellbeing of all societies that are alive and thriving today. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!