Greetings! I’m Leo Kanell, the creator and author of the Business Funding Formula.

For years I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to creatively secure affordable capital to launch or grow their business. I’ve helped my students secure over $150 million in funding & I’ve got an amazing training video for you.

It Creates Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

So here’s the deal the business funding phenomenon has completely changed the business world, allowing entrepreneurs the ability to jumpstart their businesses. Have you’ve ever wondered how companies like Walmart, Starbucks and Under Armour were able to grow and expand so quickly? It’s largely because their founders understood the importance of mastering business funding. In fact, they used a simple funding formula to acquire money to launch their businesses at the beginning and funding mastery to massively expand them later on.

With the majority of banks turning down business loan applicants, creative financing is required, you must learn new skills in order to secure capital to launch a new business or grow your existing business! The Business Funding Formula can get you big time momentum to help your business take off like a rocket, but it’s not just for big companies in fact the funding formula works even better for small businesses, solopreneurs and people just like you and me! I love entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who have a passion to make a difference in the world with their innovative product or service that truly makes the world a better place.

It Creates Capital for Entrepreneurs

To build the business of your dreams that can turn your dreams into the truth it requires capital, we live in a capitalistic world and to prosper in it, you must learn how to acquire capital. Once you have access to capital it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for your business and ideas to take flight! In reality you can transform the world and your life! Over the years I’ve helped my clients secure well over $150 Million dollars in Funding to fuel their dreams, 007 is not one of my clients, but there are several entrepreneurs who are some of my clients, here is a story from one of them.

This is How it Affected Erin

She needed to acquire a second location for her franchise business Hot Dog on a stick. She had visited banks and been declined and then her daughter told her about the Business Funding Formula and its founder and she was able to take a two step approach to secure funding. First she needed to get some high balance cards paid down and so she and her husband secured a term loan and paid down the high balance cards. Then her credit score was raised significantly and the end result was over $100k in funding, this is the power of the Business Funding Formula. The result is what matters, her business opened a second location, and it has doubled her business sales!

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